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Has anybody got NextDent IBT resin to work in a Form2? I’ve tried 3 times and misprints every time.
Grey resin settings prints the support base properly, but a few millimetres up the actual supports it fails to print.
Dental SG settings print the whole thing, but it’s completely unusable and not cured correctly.
Bond to build platform is great, just cannot get it to print any further than the support base!


Hi there!

I do not have any NextDent IBT, but I plan on ordering some very soon. I am doing a lot of experimenting with 3rd party resins though, so your post does intrigue me, and maybe I can help you try to trouble shoot a little bit. We might be able to help each other out! If you wouldn’t mind, please take a look at this resin settings spreadsheet I have created, and add your testing data to it. There is already a tab created for NextDent and the IBT resin.

Also, @VAZONE has experience with printing with NextDent materials so maybe he can weigh in as well.

So my first thought would be, if the grey setting isn’t giving the laser enough power, and the DentalSG works, but has curing issues, maybe you need somewhere in between. There is an old chart that shows which settings have which laser powers:

I think that one of the FormLabs moderators said that Flexible, High Temp, and Dental SG are to the right of all of those values on the chart (but not 100% sure on that). Maybe try Flexible or High Temp, OR get a Dental SG cartridge, empty it / use it all, fill your resin tank with NextDent IBT, put empty Dental SG cartridge into Form2 and print on Dental SG settings.

I am very curious to know how it turns out, so please post back your results!


The other thought I just had is:

If on the grey settings everything seems to be working, but just doesn’t stay attached to the supports, maybe you need to adjust your support point size (and/or density). Maybe bump up the point size on the grey setting for another test?

I think that you print Grey on 100m and dental Sg on 50?
“Gray IBT base” prints due to overcure on beginning.
What’s wrong in curing ibt? It must be flexible

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the response - some great ideas. Will get to work on them today!

I was thinking it could potentially be due to the temperature of the resin? As in open mode the heating element is shut off?

Have added my findings to the spreadsheet. They are sparce at the moment, but will continue to add to the as I make findings.


Hi Valzone,

I will try printing on 0.1 Grey and record my findings. I printed on the SG with 0.05, but unfortunately it’s completely undercured in the respect that some parts are still completely uncured, and some are partially cured (a more viscous version of the uncured resin.)


Here are pictures of the failed print, resin cured using Gray V3 setting on 0.1mm resolution.

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