NextDent Resins with the F1+

I have read the previous posts on NextDent.
I assume that the process of optimizing the FDA approved NextDent resins to work on the F2 is ongoing by FormLabs engineers, since NextDent has become the universal supplier of these resins for dentistry. I would like to experiment with them on the F1+ while I wait for the F2 cartridges.
I believe that the NextDent photo initiators are optimized for 395nm exposure. Is this a challenge? Any suggestions?
I would think that the community experimenting on these resins and sharing results will actually speed up FL’s tedious process, so it should be warmly welcomed by FL.
Is there a third party supplier in the US? Schein/ICAP?

Cindy Rankin

She is my contact, and their company is really good. I get the resins delivered in 1-2 days.

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Here is the result of NextDent SG with Form1+ and clear setting.
Where can I find settings for Dental SG for Form1+ ?

I did expect that result, because the Dental SG is not exposure optimized for the FL printers like the Grey V3, for example. It is heartbreaking to me, because one of the big reasons that I had my F1+ rebuilt by FL was in anticipation of these new dental resins, because I wouldn’t be using them as much as the other resins that I print on the F2, and it is easier to pour/filter out, store, then agitate, and pour back in to the F1+, since it is not good to leave resin in the trays very long.

Have you contacted FL about putting the parameters and Dental SG choice into the F1+ list, since there are a number of us in this situation and eager to continue buying the resin from them? I would be willing to kick in a few $$ to have them include that option. Another advantage to FL is the increased # of users to give feedback (for them to optimize), since Dental SG is being well-promoted, including the most recent CEREC magazine.

(how did you clean and post-cure?)

I did contact formlabs about parameters and ini file but the answer was that the printer wasn’t designed to work with Dental SG. Obviously it wasn’t designed for Dental SG as the resin didn’t exist.
Actually the Nextdent resin seems is not designed for formlab printers.
I also contacted Nextdent about parameters for form 1+ but no any respond from them at all.
The more disappointing bit is that Nextdent advertising their resins to work with printers at 385nm and 405 not saying which printers. So I know formlabs working on 405nm and bought a bottle of Nextdent SG resin.
Than I found out that there is no settings for that resin in formlabs software. So decided to print on Clear V3 with new VAT. As there was no response from both side formlabs an Nextdent I expected the result on the picture above ( Clear V1 ). Actually the result was much better and I realised is a fail print after I cleaned the part. The supports was very tick and the holes which should be 2mm were completely blocked.
As I am new to the printing even I have Form1+ for over a year and print just couple of models I thought I did something wrong.
Done two more prints with different settings with Gray V3 and the result was getting worse and worse as you can see with Clear V1.
Not just the print was affected. The silicone layer start coming apart from the pilling process and ended with chipped silicone layer and damage VAT after just 3 print with Nextdent resin.
Formlabs trying to avoid that trouble as the resin is not designed for their printers and on the other hand Nextdent doesn’t bother at all and not reply on their request form.
Formlabs need to think about that there is lots of Form1+ user which like to use their resins but not been given a chance.
If the laser is the better part in Form2 which seems to be as it can work without the wipper and the heater so why not consider a replacement laser of Form1+ than replacement of the whole printer with Form 2. Not familiar with the lasers but seems 385nm light is more applicable to third party resins.
So if someone from formlabs read the forum can you please give technical explanation why we cannot use Nextdent resins as they claim the resin is designed for 405nm light?

That’s the result with Clear V3

Here is the guide postcure for 10min under 405nm light.
So it is possible to print but not good enough without right settings which is missing from formlabs software for some reason.

The resin profile is not exactly missing. It is not there by design.

The printer was not certified as part of the FDA approval so it can not be used for the application.

The resin was not designed to be used in the Form 1 series printer. Though with a lot of time and effort, I am sure it is possible to get some satisfactory results, it is not designed to be used on the printer.

This has been discussed in the past and is on the forum somewhere.

Sorry for the question but what FDA means and why cannot be used?