Dental resin on the form 1+

Hey folks, been a while since I’ve been on here but thought I would check in as I’m very interested in the dental resin. Only issue being I have a working form 1+ that is doing it’s job fine and I have no need to upgrade to a form 2. So here’s my question, why is the dental resin not available for use on the form 1+?

um, greed?

It would be great to be able to use Dental SG on the Form 1+ but we’ve found that it’s unable to repeatedly hit the accuracy requirements of dental applications. The Form 2 stabilizes temperature and environmental factors which is critical for achieving quality and reliable prints with Dental SG.

Sounds like a bit of a cop out. Temperature is very easy to account for and being in the north of scotland in the countryside is something I have had to account for from day one with the form 1. That along with dust, humidity and a whole variety of other factors. Having a purpose set up print lab with the ability to control these means that I rarely have issues printing now.

The long and short of it is that I’ve already had one dentist use me with the regular resins for mounts etc. I’d just prefer to be able to offer up the dental resin as an option. I guess I’ll just keep using the regular resins if it’s not an option as he was more than happy with the results.

Just buy their cartridge and dump it out. Done.

It’s the material settings in preform I’m more concerned about. Buying a cartridge was never an issue.

A follow up for anyone else interested,

So I have discussed this with the formlabs engineers. Essentially it seems to come down to the fact that the process for the accreditation for medical use specifies the machine as well as the material itself. Unsurprisingly formlabs decided not to bother trying to get the form 1+ to hit the right notes for this (I’m paraphrasing quite a bit here but you get the idea). I don’t blame them, it’s an older product, might as well move people to the new one if you can.

This all leaves me in the rather interesting situation where the dentist I’m working with is exceptionally happy with the results I’m providing with the form 1+ and the bog standard clear resin and his patients have been happy too. The parts can happily go through the autoclave (i’ve held a blue flame to a print before, it’s tricky to get them to burn up). So I guess I’ll keep going with the set up I’m using. If the pound ever recovers then I may consider a form 2 down the line but as it stands for this niche use I can’t justify the expense.

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