Form 2 in dentistry - new user/questions

Good morning folks… So i am a long time 3d printing enthusiast… I have owned 9 printers in the last 2-3 years.
I own a form1+ clone (yes i know, blasphemy) because i got it for 400$ (who wouldnt haha). It works great, and I imagine the form1+ is even better.

I am in the market for a form 2. I am starting a business venture (not 3d printing for profit) that will require some prototyping etc, so i plan on using tough resin for that.

However, there will be a lot of downtime with the printer, so I am wondering how great this printer is in the dental practice arena? Finding clients wont be hard. I have a best friend whos a dentist locally, and a pair of friends who own another practice not far away. Im sure I can get them to test my parts.

What I want to know is. What is all involved in making parts for a dentist that are useable? Im sure the printer is capable, otherwise FL wouldnt be selling dental resin. Is there any document that spells out clearly what we can expect to need/income potential etc?

thanks in advance for the answers. I realize this is somewhat unorganized, im just trying to wrap my head around the process.