Questions for Dental Applications for profit

Hello everyone,
Ive been printing nonstop with my Form2 since I received it about 4 weeks ago. I believe my question is a little different than what gas been posted already and I do plan to do more research even outside of this forum. What I would like help with is I have a connect to a panel of dentists that are interested in how 3d printing can help their practice.

I have seen the different types of dentistry resins but beyond that I am not sure how they are applied. I am looking to have my form2 make me some extra cash on the side and believe if I can show the panel how this technology can help them they would give me a lot of business . I have already started with modeling figurines for people and made some extra money but the profits aren’t very high when you take into account material cos,t prep, painting etc.

Any help or pointing to other resources would be greatly appreciated. Ive been enjoying the community!

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Anybody :man_shrugging:t5:?

When dealing with bio-compatibility, it’s important to keep in mind that the full certified process must be followed. Parts are only bio-compatible when they’ve been printed and processed in the correct environment with the correct settings. This is why many dentists choose to outsource their parts to labs that have a history of handling and conforming to bio-compatibility specifications.

While it is possible to follow the necessary bio-compatibility specifications with home or small business use, it could be more challenging to market your services to dentists who need a guarantee of bio-compatibility. Using sites like might be a better option for connecting with people who need parts printed.


Thank you frew for the info, I wonder if those that print here have gone through that level of certification