Form 2 users help

Good day! I’m going to purchase Form 2 for my dental service. But I still have a doubts. Can someone print me my model from cast able resin and take a photo in a good resolution on a neutral background? I’m ready to pay for it. I’m wondering exactly how my model will look with that resin. It’s very important.

Sincerely, Den.

Hi, I could give that a shot for you If you’d like.

Great! Where can I send you a model?

I’m thinking FL would do this for you if you ask them…

Indeed :slight_smile: @DenTheDentist if you get in touch with our sales team, we have a custom sample part program.

I have an offer to purchase used printer. And it can soon be sold( So I ask this question about quality.

The files you sent to me were scanned before downloading and found to contain malicious software.

I send two links to my google disk (that check viruses). And this is .obj files. How it’s can contains something?!

FWIW I downloaded, scanned and open the file above successfully. Scanned with Malwarebytes and Nod32.

Probably a false positive.