Purchased a used Form 2 - What potential problems would you look out for?


I’ve been an admirer of 3D printing and Formlabs, which very recently led me to take the opportunity to purchase a used Form 2.

I’m looking for some general advice on what (if any) issues I should look out for when trialling the printer at the beginning as I’m a 3D printing novice. To give some context, I’m planning to to utilise the printer with the dental resins to create models and surgical guides and anything else that you’d recommend.

Thank you

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Hello @2023LDC -

Thank you for reaching out about your used Form 2 printer. My general recommendation is to make sure the optical glass is clean for use. The major thing is reaching out to Support and they can get you a test file and help with interpreting that information.

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Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for replying.

I’ve just received the Form 2 today, I’m yet to test with my own resin though there is blue resin coming through the seams of the machine as shown in the pictures attached.

I’m hoping this has occurred during transit and not that the machine is knackered.

Please can you advise if this is acceptable/normal for a form 2 machine to have resin coming through different parts?

Thank you,

was it shipped with material in the tray?

There was no resin cartridge or tank in the machine, it was shipped empty

Though as I’m inexperienced I’m unsure if this amount of leaking is normal or expected with regular use.

Otherwise the door pins are good, the optical mirror/glass looks in good condition and it powers on well

they must’ve spilled some inside before shipping it. only place material goes is in the tray and some gets on the build plate but that shouldve been wiped clean before packing

I believe the build plate was not inserted. I’ve taken off the case and noticed there was a minor amount of resin throughout which has been mostly cleaned up. I plan to print/test the machine to judge if there is a leak when the resin is exiting the valve.

Thank you for your comments

Hi @2023LDC,

Thanks for reaching out about this! It sounds like you’ve already done the work of cleaning out the resin that had made its way into the printer. It’s likely that this resin had been the result of a spill from previous usage. Definitely keep an eye on the resin flow when starting your upcoming prints, but you should be good to go from here.

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