Looking to buy a used forms 2 locally, anything to look out for?

There’s a Form 2 that someone is selling locally and I’m thinking of purchasing it. I’ve got experiences with FDM 3D printers but not SLA. With the Form 2, is there anything in particular that some of you guys would look out for that is considered a deal breaker?


any signs of spilt resin in the printer, there is a number of people reporting things such as cartridges leaking into the tank then overflowing. (quite often leads to the death of the printer)

Faulty sensors - resin, cartridge, tank - best would be to check it yourself, let the seller show you how to insert/remove the cartridge and tank, and try it yourself.

You should absolutely check the optics. With a phone’s flash look for any marks of dried resin and scratches on the optical window below the resin tank. Difficult to see but with the flash allows you also to see through. Check if there are any resin spill marks inside.
You can check the Interactive Tour of the Form2 to get familiar with the machine’s parts as well.