Want to buy a used Form 2

Hello. I am looking for a second Form Printer.
I can get a used Form 2 from 2016.
The printer has 1200 operating hours and printed 7,5 l Resin.
I am a little bit afraid, that the LPU unit have to be changed in the near future.
I need some suggestion about this.
How many Resin have you printed with this printer, how many operating hours is your printer old?
Thanks for help.

Form2 doesn’t have a LPU. Just a laser and some galvanometers that move the mirrors to steer the laser.

Formlabs might sell you a refurbished Form2. They gave me a discount late last year on my new Form3 for returning my ~3 year old non-functional Form2. I can’t imagine they’d do that if the returned Form2 was just going to be scrapped. Refurbished and resold makes more sense.

I have 3 used Form 2 printers I will be selling soon. If you’re interested drop me a PM and I’ll tell you about them.

Ah. Ok, thank you for the explanation.
I am interested in how long is the lifetime of the Laser/galvo units are.

The lasers have much shorter lives than the galvos. But I don’t think FL has ever published a specification. But FL can check the printer remotely to see if the laser power is down. Perhaps there’s a way for them to provide that data for a machine you’re considering buying from someone else… I don’t know, you’d have to ask FL.

Ok, This will help,
Thank you

Run. Buy a chinese printer. These are anything but reliable, I had one fail with less than 3hrs of printing, and one just failed after maybe 20 hours. Absolute garbage compared to anything else. flashforge has way better stuff as well.


I agree! Mine is a constant PIA!!
Then they want you to buy the New printer!! PFFT! Like I want to pay more for the problems!

I’d second this I’m over $10K in on formlabs stuff and still cant get anything reliable. So upset and feeling fleeced but there is no legal recourse.

Exactly. Mine crapped out after 55 hours of use. And alI i got was. We can sell you a refurb for $800.