Want to buy a used Form 2


Hello. I am looking for a second Form Printer.
I can get a used Form 2 from 2016.
The printer has 1200 operating hours and printed 7,5 l Resin.
I am a little bit afraid, that the LPU unit have to be changed in the near future.
I need some suggestion about this.
How many Resin have you printed with this printer, how many operating hours is your printer old?
Thanks for help.


Form2 doesn’t have a LPU. Just a laser and some galvanometers that move the mirrors to steer the laser.

Formlabs might sell you a refurbished Form2. They gave me a discount late last year on my new Form3 for returning my ~3 year old non-functional Form2. I can’t imagine they’d do that if the returned Form2 was just going to be scrapped. Refurbished and resold makes more sense.


I have 3 used Form 2 printers I will be selling soon. If you’re interested drop me a PM and I’ll tell you about them.


Ah. Ok, thank you for the explanation.
I am interested in how long is the lifetime of the Laser/galvo units are.


The lasers have much shorter lives than the galvos. But I don’t think FL has ever published a specification. But FL can check the printer remotely to see if the laser power is down. Perhaps there’s a way for them to provide that data for a machine you’re considering buying from someone else… I don’t know, you’d have to ask FL.


Ok, This will help,
Thank you