Model Resin - bad clearance, Support is a nightmare!

Hey all,

I have horrible outcomes with the Model-Resin.
We’re using the Printer for Dental models, but the Models are always about 0.2mm to small so removable teeth never fit! It’s a difference from about 5% at 5mm!
The Support-woman is making me crazy - she tells me not to use the dental model-resin, use grey.
So what? Are you kidding me? It’s a brand-new Form2, in white the fit is ok (not perfect, the x-axis has about 2% difference) but the model-resin can’t be used???
We’ve bought the Form2 chiefly for that!!!
The X-Y-Finetuning can’t solve the problem, the difference is much to much.
Also in maximum there’s a huge gap with Model-Resin.

Just for information: We’re not a Newbie at 3D-Printing, we use Cad-Cam, dental CNC-Mills, and 3D-Models every day. It’s a ordinary thing for us. Only the Form2 is new and I can work with it as long I don’t use the Model-Resin.
My colleagues all have great outcomes also with this resin, so it must be a problem with our Form2

So Formlabs, what would you do? You’re selling the Form2 especially for dental models, but my Form2 is not accurate enough for this!
It’s my problem - really? No warranty @formlabs???
PLEASE, SOLVE THAT COMPLAINT, this is a shame for a company like Formlabs!

I’ve gotten in touch with our European Support and Engineering teams to look into this. We want to get everything working well for you and we’re certainly not satisfied with giving up on Dental Model Resin and advising that you only use Grey instead.

We did advise printing a test part in Grey and this is going to help us troubleshoot things for you. Printing the Grey test part will give us a better idea of what might be causing the dimensional inaccuracy you’re seeing in the Dental Model Resin. If the test print does point towards potential issues with the printer itself, we’ll work to get those corrected for you. Continuing to work with our support team is going to be the quickest way to get things printing with the tolerances that you’d expect and I’m happy to help out where I can.

Hey Frew,

please have a look at my ticket - I’ve still done all this last week!
That’s why I wrote here!!!

All things you’d like to know you can find at my ticket. Now I’m waiting for a solution…
A colleague of mine had the same problem some time ago - for him it wasn’t a big problem to send the printer in to repair. His name you can also find in my ticket - it’s a Reseller from Formlabs!

You’ve selled the Form2 explicit for dental use and there is dimensional accuray a important thing!
The difference on my printer is so much, that the removable parts CAN’T fit. It’s impossible to work with this model in Dental Model-Resin!!!

So what would you do - 100 more Test-Prints?

Repair or change the printer, it’s a brand-new Form2 that doesn’t work correct!

Here you can see the difference between white and Model-Resin:

How should I get a acceptable clearance with this inaccurate results???
It’s impossible to use models from this printer for dental models. I think everybody who see this photo know what I mean…

This can be a shrink on the resin ?.

I am going to bite…

Though I can see that the rectangles are different sizes, can you post up how the models were oriented? I can not speak for Dental resin (as I am not a dentist nor do I have a Form 2) but I will agree that something is wrong.

I gather the different models are the exact same model, oriented the same way for both resins. The only thing that should differ is the supports. Having pictures would greatly help the community in looking into what is going on.

Formlabs accounts for the different shrink rates of the different resins in the resin profiles.

Stupid question, you are using Formlabs resin and not a 3rd party resin right?
Something like that seems like a shrink problem with the resin more than an exposure problem. I couldn’t see how a single machine could be different unless the stepper motors would be different.

Hi all,

thanks for all answers.
I try to reply all your questions, if i forget anything please ask again.

It can’t be a shrink of the resin - postcuring doesn’t make a relevant difference on this material on this 5mm-file.

Here’s a screenshot from orientation, I’ve printed it exactly following the instructions from formlabs 4 times in sucession first in white, then 4 times in Dental-Resin. This is the official Test-File from Formlabs, you have to measure only the 5mm-Cube on the topside from this file so it’s preferably to print it direct on the base for best comparison.

@ KenCitron:
It’s the ORIGINAL Model-Resin V1 from Formlabs officially for dental models.

In my guess the model-resin needs much more power from the laser, so if my printer would have a problem with performance this could explain the results.
It’s definitively fact that the laser-point cures a smaller area in Model-Resin than in white because I printed also a hollow cylinder were the result inside was a too big hole and the counterpart with the same diameter like the hollow was too small. This result is only in Model-Resin, in white it’s nearly correct so only adjust the laser-size can’t fix the problem…

Also I’ve noticed that the printed parts are always extremly soft after cleaning so I belief the laser-power on my model is always insufficient.

I’m waiting now more than 40 hours for an reply at my ticket. Is this an acceptable interval for formlabs???

What would you say to this difference? Do you understand that this inaccuracy is absolutely unacceptable for dental technicians?

Now we’re waiting nearly 2 weeks for a solution - we bought the printer for daily use, not to test it for formlabs!
What about a final inspection before shipping in future?


I am a dentist but I don’t have the Dental Model resin. I just wanted to say that many dentists are using the Grey v3 for models also, although there is some known inaccuracy. I have to agree with others that it looks like something is wrong with your printer. It is best to test print with grey resin and see what happens.

My brand new From2 failed nearly all prints. It took about 2 months for From Labs to recognize the printer was defective. It happens and I was just as frustrated as you are. It took a day (at best) for support to respond to every email. So don’t expect immediate answers. Once I got the new printer, everything works great. If I have a failure or an inaccuracy, it is usually a result of improper settings or supports.

Best of luck.

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