Dental Model Shrinkage compensation

I’ve been using the Form2 Dental Model Resin for a few months. When I compare the dies to a stone model and place a crown on top of the die, there is a significant and consistent shrinkage. There is a looseness around the margin. I now print the dies at the .025mm resolution and the fit is better but still not great.

I use the Formlabs settings in 3Shape, but am wondering if there is a slight change I can make to increase the size so everything fits properly. Has anybody else encountered this?

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We have been dealing with the same thing with loose dies with the formlab settings as well. We tried adjusting the settings but have not found a suitable one yet. We are not using our printer currently so I can’t be of much help but hopefully someone can answer this. Also how are you orientating your pieces? We were getting warped pieces, especially near the front of the articulator. Which causes the contacts to be off, along with our loose die situation we just stopped using the Form 2 sadly. We talked with support but a solution was not found for the warping. :disappointed_relieved:

We print our models flat on the build platform and haven’t seen warping that way. We tried the grey resin and found we had to build supports for the models because the material wasn’t strong enough to remain attached to the build platform, and I noticed overall the models didn’t come out as nice as with the model resin.

I build supports for the single dies and take care to make sure they have a lot of support attachments.

We do a solid upper and lower model and a single die, so we don’t have to worry about fitting dies into cut models.

I see, we have oriented our models in a similar fashion and at a 45 degree angle with supports and still get warping. We use another 3d printer now for our solid and sectioned models but I’d love to see the Form 2 in action again. I hope you can find a resolution ASAP.

I just did a little experiment. I printed 5 dies at different sizes for one case. I found that I got the best fit around the margin by setting the size scale to 1.030 in PreForm.

I believe this size compensates for the shrinkage. We are going to do more tests, but you should try it out too and see if it’s any better.


We use dental model resin as well, but not for dental things. I found that the dental model has some kind of filler, that used to settle down in the vat if you dont print continously. If we leave the printer “sleeping” for a few days, that settling starts. That sublte filler layer should remove in the preparation of the new print process, but that sticks to the cleaner tools edge like toothpaste. I think the stabilty of the material, incl the shrinkage could have some connection with that filler. When you remove the settled filler from the vat that means you exclude it from the resin you will use for printing. Just experience.

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