Dental Model Dies not fitting - TOO TIGHT?

Hi everyone, I’m printing out dental models along with sectioned dies. Lately, my dies have not been sitting in the models correctly. After cleaning and curing, it seems that the dies may be swelling, causing them not to seat all the way down in the model. ive been having to sand down the dies by hand to get them to fit down in the model. any help or suggestions??

Have you made any adjustments to the settings in your dental modelling suite? If not, there are a few things that can be going on here, and your PreForm and Firmware versions would be a big help in diagnosing this.

No changes in the modeling suite. I am on versions of Preform 2.15.0 and Firmware 1.16.8-19 using Dental Model Resin V2

Our support team is going to be best to help out with this one. A member of our team will be in touch with you over email to help with troubleshooting.

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