Loose fitting dies for dental models

Hi everyone we are printing dental models with detachable dies. the first few prints we did came out great the dies fit perfectly. The last two prints we did the dies are super loose, rock back and forth, and just fall out of the model. I haven’t changed any parameters in design software from the first models to the current ones. Does orientation of the model/die on the platform change change fit or could it be something else?

Removable dies are a huge headache on the Form 2. I print solid models and single dies. But there are several 3Shape settings you can adjust in your modelmaker to make the dies fit tighter.

Also, I don’t know about you, but the dies are a little loose for us with the restorations. So I print all single dies separately and bump up the size scale in Preform to 1.018. But every Form2 might be different.

thanks we use exocad but ill have to check out some of the setting in there and just play with it till i ca figure it out.

I have same problem too. I print slot to insert die and punch , first print is very good to fit. But next print with same print file , Punch can’t insert in to die. I try to print a lot of time, but not ok.

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