I'm having a problem with printing dental models

My lab has been having a problem with our Form 2 printer. Before I start I’d like to note that the models were designed with 3Shape. Whenever we print a model with a sectioned die, it will not sit in place. Before it would fit perfectly, but lately the inner part where the dies would sit look a little bloated. They were all printed in medium quality. I tried printing out a model in high quality. The die was able to go in, but it ended up being a little loose. In terms of cleaning and post curing, I follow the instructions the formlabs website provides. I’m not sure, if it’s something I’m doing wrong or a hardware issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @WillDental! If you haven’t already, drop us a message: https://support.formlabs.com/hc/requests/new
We’ll be happy to have a look at your model and provide the necessary steps.

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