Trouble with form3b

printing dental models for crowns with formlabs 3B and model resin in beige. Won’t work. Die is too tight and won’t fit. Also, not perfectly straight. I’ve tried multiples times printing on the build platform and with full rafts as well. Didn’t work… Any tips? I am using 3shape software and software 2019 model builder . I am also using the new DME files from formlabs and is still not working correctly


Have you tried printing our die fit test block for 3shape? The file and workflow can be found in our restorative model guide here.

We have also noticed tightness of fit due to cupping. This is occurring on the palatal area of models when you have full arches with a articulator fixture on the back. I can dig into this further if you can send me one of your .form files. You can email me directly at