Please help just purchased about a month ago and still no luck

Trying to print dental models with removable dies for crowns with formlabs 3B and model resin in beige. Won’t work. Die is too tight and won’t fit. Also, not perfectly straight. I’ve tried multiples times printing on the build platform and with full rafts as well. Didn’t work… Any tips? I am using 3shape software and software 2019 model builder . I am also using the new DME files from formlabs and is still not working correctly

Tilting the print object relative to build platform is essential for getting good results.

Also ensure there are no important surfaces staying horizontal and with supports - in these areas the resin can’t flow out easily, stays in one place for longer and is parasitically semi-cured by reflected lights inside the printer. This will result in “ugly” places, much thicker than expected and with smeared details.

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