Print orientation with dental model resin FLDMBE01

I recently purchased the dental model resin for printing crown and bridge dental models. Formlabs recommends printing these models directly on the build platform, but a local dental lab reports issues with overheating and build platform deformation when printing this way with the model resin. They now print everything with supports at a 20-30 degree orientation. Has anyone else had this same issue?

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Hello @NEdental,

We are a dental lab as well and we have had no issues with overheating but dealt with so many issues with deformation regardless of how the model was printed (directly on the build plate or at an angle with supports). I think printing at an angle will give you better results but adding supports can be tricky sometimes. And before anyone comments, yes we have talked with support multiple times and they did not find anything wrong with our stl files and we follow the post-print wash and curing instructions correctly, so they were stumped as to why we were getting consistent deformations on our prints. Will you be making sectioned models with removable dies and/or unsectioned models? We also had issues with our dies fitting properly, they were all consistently loose. Best of luck!

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