Dye's & Models-DENTAL

For anyone who might have a solution,

When we print a dye and a model, the dye is tight fitting when we try to place it down in the model. Does not fit correctly. Does anyone have any idea on how to correct this problem?
-Oral Ceramics

What resin are you using? I got exactly the opposite result with Grey

I am using dental model resin

also do you know the settings or where we can find the settings that are titled “DME file with three material settings- loose, medium, & tight”

I’m sorry. I don’t even know what settings are you talking about, or what “DME file” is that…
I guess you should increase the space around the dies in your CAD software. That should work.

It’s presets for how the die’s should fit into the model. Proform services informed me with that information.

In cad mode offset .03 makes my baseplate fit . 0.00 offset fits to tite.

i try already the DME file with three materials settings - loose,medium and tight all print outs did not success.

maybe i need to try the dental model V2

anyone find solution of this issue of model dies not fitting ?

Preform and firmware it is updated !

I’ve been having the exact same issue for a few months now, still without a solution. I’m starting to think it may have something to do with the friction bar settings.