Help impossible print with dental model

Hello to everyone,
I’m dental tecnichian, I’m starting printing model in my lab with Form2 with dental model resin;
my first four or five print was succesfuly but now I have a lot of problem: like loosing part to print or with a delaminated part… i’ve tryed to chage supporting, change cartridge and tank but the issues is the same or worst then before…:cold_sweat::sob::sob::sob:

In past I have worked with other 3d Printer and in case similar I have to calibrate or optimize Z axis, but in Formlab I havent found a procedute to calibrate but only to change Z level with Z Fine Tuning, could some one post procedure if existing???

after some failur I’ve tryed to move upper Z axis with a step of 0.10 and tryed to print 5 cubes (4 in the platform corner, 1 in the middle) but the result is only 2 Cubes (near the cartridge) an the orthe 3 is printed in onli first 0.20mm

I’ve attached some pics

could some one give me a suggestion??? i’m loosing my mind:weary::sob::weary::sob:


It might be the case that the components that are detaching are interfering with the other parts and causing them to fail. You mentioned that you tried modifying the Z fine tuning but it sounds like you increased it. You might try reducing the Z fine tuning value so that it’s a negative number. You can safely iterate downwards by -0.2mm until you hit -1mm or so. If that doesn’t seem to correct things, let me know so that I can get you in touch with a member of our support team.

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thank you so much Frew,
now my dealer is running your Optical test after it I’ll try to move it down like your suggestion!!!

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