Fail Prints (Dental ClearLT, Dental Model)

Hallo Community

We have in our company a big Problem with our Form2.
In the last time our Prints are not in a useful and great condition, to solve the Problem we ordered new resin an tanks but it doesn’t clear it.
so we have no idea anymore.

thank you for your help

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I’ve been having the same issues with the dental clear LT. My models print perfectly with the regular clear resin but fail completely with dental clear LT.

Hey Lars,

Welcome to the community.
Its looks like the machine required some cleaning to the mirror and to the galvo mirror but to be sure you need to print an optic test.

Please contact the Formlabs support and they will be happy to supply with all the instruction required include the optic file for printing.

Keep us posted with the optic test results.

Good luck!

I’m having similar issues with Dental Model. Grey Pro, Standard Clear, Durable, Tough, Elastic, and Flexible are all printing normally but the Dental Model keeps failing like that no matter how much I stir and/or filter the resin and clean the tank.

Hi potootatos,
Sorry to hear that you are having problems printing with the Dental Model as I recommended it!
Would you be happy to share your file so that I can run it here to help fault find on a different machine to isolate fault with your file. stl or .form file.

I don’t hold any grudges lol don’t worry!

The files are fine, I’ve printed them all extremely successfully in Durable, Pro Grey, Tough, and Clear. I’ve got an extra liter of Dental Model and an extra new LT tank so I’m going to try with the fresh canister to see if it was just a bad cartridge.

I’ll get it to work 100% eventually, I just need to figure out what’s wrong.

Thanks for the answers
At the moment I am also in contact with the suport of formlabs. As soon as there is a solution i will gladly pass on the information. But synonymous with me, the files are error-free.
I suspect that the mirror is a bit dirty. Is there a way to clean it yourself?

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