Less Precise models lately

Hey guys,

Lately I’ve been having some troubles with my form 2. The models that I’m printing are less detailed, see the pictures. I cleaned the glass underneath the tank and I put in a new tank. Also put in a new cartridge which I shaked. The first print was good, but the second print I got the same problems. I also contacted Formlabs, but maybe you know what’s the problem.
As you can see in the pictures, there is some extra material at the raft en I got some residue when I clean the tank.


Have you also cleaned the large mirror and the Galvo mirrors? It looks like a an issue of cleaning.

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Same problem. Clear glass, mirror and galvo mirrors. After that is ok

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Glass, Mirror and Galvo, would be my guess as well. I had the same problem and I got a hot swap from Formlabs of my previous Form 2, which fixed the problem entirely, because in my case it was also loss of laser power.

Support will guide you through (just a side note when printing with Dental Model V2, you get some issues because the resin is very sensitive, if you try let’s say with Grey Resin - Generic, you will probably not see this, but later on, if it is the laser, it will show on generic resin as well.)

Dr Dimitris Galaktopoulos DDS, MS

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+1 on cleaning the mirror and galvos. Also clean the glass. I have to do this process quite frequently now due to a catastrophic Tough V2 resin spill some years back, which, though I cleaned the machine thoroughly inside, still left trace resin residue which evaporates out and coats the internal optics after awhile.

I did find an easier way to clean the optics than the procedure recommended by FormLabs support. I remove the glass, then just reach in with the swabs/wipes to clean the galvo mirrors. Then clean the mirror, then clean the glass and replace. Lately I have stopped replacing the glass altogether and just be very careful to never spill resin into the cavity. Helps that I only print OPEN mode, so greatly reducing the opportunity for a machine-induced catastrophic spill.

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