There are problems with printing

There are problems with printing. Cavities in models, Blurry base, smooth accession to supports. Detachment of the model with a connector size of less than 0.6.
The discrepancy along the Y-axis is 0.3 mm, along the X-axis 0. The Z-axis is not defined, poor quality of joining the supports.
What could be the reason?
A new Clear Resin cartridge and a new Resin Tank LT was used.

I have pretty much the same issue. Though my model never detaches, I have the problem that small features are fused together and the surface finish is relatively rough. The file name is usually printed to the base but is barely readable.

I installed a new resin tank and a new clear resin cartridge. I also cleaned the surface of the glass window underneath the resin tank. Still problem persists.

Any suggestions how to solve this issue?

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When was the last time you cleaned the galvos and mirror?

Also SLA prints don’t work well if a flat side of the part is aligned parallel to the surface of the vat. Rotate the part in PreForm so that the flat side is at an angle to the vat surface. I believe 45 degrees is optimal but I have had great success with 20-30 degrees.

I clean the glass and mirror every 2-3 months.
How to clean galvo? Any guide

Formlabs has their galvo cleaning guide they’ll email you in a PDF but it’s pretty crazy, involving disassembling the entire machine. Since I operate with the glass removed, I just reach down in with a gloved hand and a camera swab wetted with isopropyl alcohol. Works great. These are the swabs I use: A very bright LED headlamp will help you see what you’re doing. Once you get used to working in a mirror, it’s trivial. I use one swab per galvo. A light touch is best.

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