Dental Lt clear resin problem /rough finish

We have problems with dental lt clear. During the print starts creating supports , there are some aerias where where not every single support is printed. Then some places of the splint are not printed too. The same results we have with dental sg. Last 6 months everythng was ok , until last update. What is most concerning, that every print in grey v4 , even splints are perfect. I tried to change density and point size up to 1mm. Results the same. Last print came out like in the pic. Resin ware also well mixed. Any ideas what can it be ? I was reading about mirrors, dust, but everything looks clear. Tank and cartridge (dental lt) new.

Same behavior here with Dental SG

Another question: which software are you using for designing the splints?


3 shape. Updated to the newst firmware, still the same

There’s also the galvanometers’ mirrors and some types of stains on the optical window, the mirror inside the printer or even on the tank can be difficult to see. Have you opened a support ticket with Formlabs ? If you had had the same issues with other resins it would have been an issue on the optical path of the laser for sure (and from your photos, it does look like such an issue), but having only one resin giving poor results is odd.

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