Flash on platform printing dental models

I just put in a new resin cartridge and LT resin tank. My models (dental) are printing with a very thin flash on the build platform around the edge of each model. It is easily removed, doesnt seem to affect the print. I have printed hundreds of models and never had this issue. Is it the LT tank? Thanks.

These kinds of problems tend to be with the optics and not with the tank, but it does seem strange to notice it right after a tank change. After hundreds of prints, tiny amounts of dust or other contamination could be getting on your window, main mirror, or galvanometer mirrors. It’s probably worth putting in a support ticket if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the reply! I spoke with support and they thought the same thing. I think it is smug on the glass. when I removed the tank I noticed some lint/debris on the glass and I wiped it with a lint free cloth. Just checked the glass and it appears the cloth wasnt as clean as I thought was! Hopefully this resolves the issue. I think it was a self inflicted problem.