Problem with Printing Dental Models

Hi Im printing since now a year and Im pretty confident at it. Since a month there is reccurently problems with the models. I dont know why, I have horizontaly “like wings” who are getting printed…Im printing everything
in open mode, so I dont know what to do…Im changing sometimes the tanks or the resine, I have different tanks for each resine…sometimes it happens with the model resine, sometime with grey like I have here…
here a 3 pictures…does somebody have a solution? thanks!

Looks like a contamination on the laser’s optical path (light bleeds and cures stuff around the part). I’d look at the tank, the optical window, the mirror under it and clean that if you know how or contact Formlabs for instructions.

Hi John, thanks for your reply. I cleaned the surface under the tank, the optical window and I see some dust on the mirror. But there I hadnt time to check how … But it doesnt look so much dirty…also my tank are LT and nearly new…so Im not sure if that the solution. Is it a possibility that the laser is getting old??? we are printing quiet a lot of models, probably doing 1-2L per week of prints…since nearly one year? is there any information at what point the laser is dead? or no more calibrated? Also noticed something weird: if models are printed in the front they are coming more or less good, if printed at the back of the platform then they have these artefacts…? do you have the link for cleaning the mirror? thanks

The fact that the prints are good in one area but not in another kinda rules out the laser dying point. I would still go the optical contamination route.

If your printer is still under warranty, you should open a support ticket and Formlabs will send you the guides to open the optical window, clean the main mirror and eventually clean the galvo mirrors if needed.

A little bit of dust can have a huge impact on the print quality depending on location.

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