Sample print?

Hey all, have been following all the excitement of people receiving their printers and am very very jealous!  I am interested in using the Form1 for making dental appliances which is entirely dependent on accuracy.  The specs look really good but I was wondering if anyone was bored and would print an .stl file of a tooth from my computer so I can see how it looks?  $35 if you’ll do it!  I am in Florida BTW.



Brad, have you had any samples yet? I am interested in the same application for the form1.

Hey Dave,

I did have someone do a print for me a while ago and it was decent but not a good as I was hoping for.  Would like to try turning up the cement gap on my scanner and try again but so far, it isn’t looking too promising.  Are you also looking to use this in a dental lab setting?

I am in a lab setting. I am an in office lab. Our clinic does a large amount of ortho and was looking at owning 2 of these maybe so as to be able to print offset from one another. Wanted to be able to make essix retainers from them and the occasional fit check for digital c&b cases.

So I would say that based on the quality of the restoration I received back from my trial print–it would probably be more than enough for essix and ortho products.  I had them print a couple splinted full contour crowns that I burned out and pressed in emax (the clear resin burned out just fine) but the margins weren’t quite there and they needed some seating work.  It’s really hard to say without having access to one to really do some trial and error, how well it will work for C&B.  Since I am currently milling wax, I usually export my .STL files with drill compensation included in the intaglio.  For the trial units I sent to the formlabs guy, I turned the drill compensation off but didn’t increase cement gap.  I believe that if I had increased cement gap space, they would have fit better.

Do you happen to know how long the full arch took to print?

You can drop the file into Preform and ask it to calculate build time. I would hazard a guess that for 0.1mm layer thickness it’d take ~4 hours to print an upper and lower arch 2.5 hours to print one arch.