Form1 for dental use

I’m interested in purchasing a Form1 for my orthodontic practice to print dental models. I saw a couple post from a few months back, but wondering if anyone is doing this and how it is working. Thanks.

I’ve done a test print of a grinder for @Wim_van_de_Ven, He was thinking about buying a Form1+ for dental use as well. As far as I can summarise, he was very enthusiastic about the results of the Form1+ and the dimensions of the grinder were spot on. Though he did find the print time a little high.

He has compared the Form1+ with several other printers that are specially made for the dental industry and I believe the Form1+ outperformed these dental machines on pretty much every spec. Furthermore the Form1+ costs a fraction of one of those dental printers.

Perhaps you can send him a PM and he might be able to tell you a little more. He’s a busy man though, so don’t expect an immediate response ;).

For reference:

this grinder took +/- 6 hours to print with a layer height of 0.025mm. When hollow, the print time was reduced to 2.5 hours

I printed a full upper and lower set for a polish dentist last year and he didn’t think the quality was good enough - I did the prints at 0.025mm - no photos I’m afraid.

I have a Form1+ for sale with 4 resin tanks and 2 1/5 liters of resin. Best offer over $2900.

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