Form2 VS From3 ( Print dental model )

Now I am considering which model to print a Dental model I should buy between the Form 2 and Form 3.

I need a 3D printer within a month, so it will be hard to wait for Form3.

Form2 I am currently discounted, so what do you think about trying to make a purchase?

And the consistency and accuracy of Form3 effect to print a dental model ?

Please give me a advise

Perhaps the question you should ask is do you think you would recoup the difference in price between the two starting your prints now vs waiting for the form 3.

There is no question that the machine being released after its predecessor is better.

Currently have two form2 machines but I do not use them for dental work

I think the Form 3 isn’t certified for dental work anyway, they said it was coming but I haven’t seen any date.

If you only need to do a few prints during the next month, maybe outsourcing them may be a solution while waiting for the Form 3 ?

Correct, in the webinar and I believe some of the promo materials it’s mentioned the Form 3 isn’t yet certified for biocompatibility (i.e. dental). I’m sure this is a high priority for the team, but I’m not sure how long it will take them. It might be the case that we’re still waiting on certification for some time after they start to ship.

A few of the other, non-bio resins are also still pending validation. There’s at least one that was found to be incompatible (I think it was ceramic). There’s a list somewhere.

If the hype is to be believed, the Form 3 should be even better at dental than the Form 2. Better accuracy (in part from the always-perpendicular beam path), more precision (smaller laser spot) and less effort to remove and clean up supports.