V2 Form3 tank and dental model resin

I recently purchased a new v2 build tank for my form3.I am using Dental model resin.I have used about 1.5 l of the resin and the printer is warning me the tank it close to the end of its life?Is that right? if so it is going to be expensive using dental model resin.Or is it right or is it a bug in the tank life algorithm.its a bit nerve wracking reading it may leak soon, but it is annoying that a $150 tank doesnt even last for 2 l of resin. I have used at least 6 l of clear resin with a v1 form3 tank and it still looks great.


That doesn’t sound right to me. Per the Support Article on the Form 3 tanks, they should be lasting 5 liters of resin (or 35 weeks with resin in the tank).

yes I know.I am getting fed up with the Form3.it seems like there is problem after problem with it.I have a weird squeaking noise with mine.Was promised an email form tech support Wednesday.Never heard back.I guess I will now need a FOURTH support ticket to figure this out .Its really ridiculous.This machine was CLEARLY not ready for release and I am getting sick of being a beta tester for a $3500 printer.

Well, the costs are sometimes very high for parts and replacement parts but right now print quality is really great and superior…

I was thrown back for several weeks by switchign my production pipeline - especially because Open Mode was promised but not available for the Form3 which nearly breaks my neck.

ModelV2 is in use for premasters and I already printed 3l without any problem.

So I just understand that you are very disappointed but this is not the usually experience.

A good experience with the support of Formlabs:
A vat (they call it tank) was getting damaged (surface lost its coating) and I just got a free one to replace it.
So I can not say Formlabs spend not interest in customers.

I see no better quality…

Latest firmware and preform version3.3.3.

Brand new machine, and brand new tank and resin…