Denture Resin and Form1?

Hi guys,

I got Form 1 sitting at my desk and was wondering if it’s compatible with the denture resins. Has anyone tried that?


Hey Mihael!

Thanks so much for your question. At this time there’s not really any compatibility between the Form 1+ and our Denture resins. All of the various certifications that material has(FDA etc) are all tied directly to the Form 2.

Let me know if that clears up your question or if there’s anything else I can help you with!

Hi there,

Yeah, I appreciate all the testing has been done on Form2, but aren’t they using the same wavelength? Theoretically, if the correct preform settings are being used, the resin should cure. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to select Denture resin for Form 1.

What specific settings is Form 2 using for curing the Denture resin? Are they close to any other settings that Form 1 can use?