has anyone got any experience with using the resins from this company?

Currently having “mixed” results and wondered if anyone else has any thoughts.

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Yo también estoy muy interesado!

Third-party resins are not guaranteed to work with the printer, since you can’t change the print settings beyond switching the material preset it makes it difficult to get them working as best as they can.

We just ordered one of their resins and will be testing it soon!

I have tested their Nextdent Base and Nextdent Denture without any issues.
Used the lowest laser settings (Clear or Grey)
My problem is that they never reply to direct emails.
Have to purchase through 3rd party.

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I just purchased some blue tray material, will be arriving Thursday, I will post any results I get.

aj_edi: When you say use the lowest laser settings, do you mean in “open” mode? Or do you mean, keep an empty gray/clear resin cartridge in the machine and just let it “go for the ride” NOT in open mode (maybe somebody should have a term for using this other open mode?)


Kevin Yoder DDS

Hi yoderkl,

Sorry it wasn’t clear.
I used both resins with Form1+ but even with Form2, I would use it in open mode but select grey/clear when loading the file.
I tried both clear and grey settings. Can’t remember on top of my head but one of the settings tend to over-cure slightly which made it difficult to remove from the platform but changing the settings made it easier to remove.

As there is slight over-curing, I also used smaller point size and density. It was a little bit of try and error but I didn’t get any print failures from the 2 resins I used. Just played around the settings for easier post-processing.

I actually never tried the latter “Open” mode (the empty cartridge).

Best of luck.

It was published in the forums somewhere a table of the laser power for Form1 as a guide.

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I’m currently running some trials with the blue Ortho resin. It seems a little hit and miss as to whether it prints ok or not. I’ve had to lower the Z a little to get a decent bond to the platform. So far it seems to work best on SG settings but this takes forever. I’ve had some success with using it on clear but it does suffer from over-curing.

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Just completed a couple test prints. I had success with:

Material used: NextDent Tray (Blue)
Printer: Form2 in Open Mode
Material Setting in PreForm: Grey V3
Layer Thickness: 0.1mm
Support Density: 1
Support Point Size: 0.6mm

My next custom tray case I will try printing one off and see how it goes clinically! Can’t wait to post back :grin:


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Thanks for the tip AJ!

What would you say is the best material setting for printing with NextDent Base Material? We just got a liter of it and are looking to test it out.
Also, isn’t the White V1 a lower laser setting than Grey?

Hi Roe,

I just checked my printing records and the best result for me was White V1.
Sorry for the confusion as I used Clear for different resins (not Nextdent)
Over-curing with Clear and Grey settings. They form OK but was a pain to remove from the platform afterwards which indicate over-curing in the first few layers.

Following yoderkl’s format:
Material used: NextDent Base (Pink)
Printer: Form 1+
Material setting in Preform: White V1
Layer Thickness: 0.1mm
Support Density: 0.6
Support Point Size: 0.4mm (0.5mm should work too)

  • I edit support location after initial setting. To minimise the amount of grinding post curing.

If you are printing denture base, your orientation is quite important. Check the printing layer preview and avoid islands as this will create suction during peeling and create those nasty flakes.

Had decent results after scanning and aligning with original design STL file.
All the best! :smiley:

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Thank you for the information AJ! It’ll be interesting to see the difference in our prints as we use Form 2 printers.

What do you mean when you say “islands?” I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that.
Also, what program did you use to align the scan to your digital design?


Hi Brent,

I attached a picture. There is probably a better term for it!
Sometimes I translate directly from Japanese so it might sound weird.
(sorry for the small picture, I work for corporate R&D so I need to be careful with what I share in public forums):sweat_smile:

I have a 3Shape scanner and have 2 softwares that I use which is Geomagic Design and PointMaster (by Wenzel) .
The latter is what I use most and the only reason was that it was a cheaper alternative to Geomagic.


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