Why can't we get dental SG or Durable For Form1+

Why can’t we get Dental SG or Durable For Form1+

The Dental SG resin is certified with the Form 2. The certification process is not just for the resin. It is the resin and machine paired.

The Durable resin needs a more precise environment / laser control that the Form 1 1+ does not have.

Are you saying the Dental SG and Durable resin absolutely won’t work with the form1+ ?

I’m sure they “work” but not consistently or precisely enough to get their seal of approval. I’m sure there is no real risk to the machine, but these resins are only available given the increased process control provided by the F2.

Treat it like a 3rd party resin, If you fiddle with it long enough you can probably get it to work, but the quality and success rate aren’t up to FL standards, so they might not be up to yours either. Only you can decide that. The real question should be “Do I have $200-$400 to gamble if it doesn’t work?”

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Just seems like Formlabs could add the settings in preform that would make the material work with the Form1+. Surely I’m not the only one thinking “If you want to use the new cool resins, you have to buy the Form 2”

Formlabs could just add the resin profiles for us. Then they would get flooded with support tickets asking why the models didn’t print correctly or why did the FDA close my dental practice. Seems like a logical decision to not add the profiles. We (the form 1 / 1+) owners have the benefit of OpenFL and the API. The Form 2 owners have the benefit of FDA approved Dental resin and Durable resin. We could work to get the Durable and Dental resin to print but the Dental would not be FDA approved which seems pretty important to me as I wouldn’t want my dentist playing around with un-approved combinations of hardware, software and resin even if technically it would work. I believe the durable just needs tighter environmental and curing profiles to get successful prints that the Form 1 / 1+ obviously doesn’t have.


Why wasn’t the Form 1+ FDA approved?

I don’t think the printers are “FDA approved” or not, the resins are. I think @DavidRosenfeld is saying the Dental SG resin is not FDA approved coming out of a Form1+ printer, strictly because the FDA approval process was probably specifically developed around its use in the Form2.

ie. Surgical Guide coming out of Form2 has been tested and approved by the FDA for toxicity safety etc.

Surgical Guide coming out of Form1+ (while it may very well be identical) has not been tested and approved by the FDA.

Is it safe? Probably, but as David said I don’t think any dentist is going to risk their license on it.

This is something I commonly run into at work. The FDA is obsessed with how things are processed when it comes to bio-compatibility. @yoderkl stated this well that while two parts from the F2 and F1+ may actually be identical as finished products they use different processes and are therefore separate entities in the eyes of the FDA.

As a business it would not have made financial sense to dedicate the additional development and testing time to approve the process via the previous generation printer.

At the end of the day I applaud FormLabs for everything they do to continue to support the Form1/1+ printers. OpenFL is a fantastic example of this, it arguably has no direct value to add into their company but it was developed and released to better serve their customers. They would have been completely within their rights to say “Hey, here’s our new printer, we’re going to support the old printers for a few more years and then you are on your own.”


Has anyone already tested the durable resin with some other material settings? I just don’t know why formlabs is doing this with the Form 1+ clients

I plan on testing and attempting to create a custom profile for OpenFL but it has to wait until I sort out my printer problems.