FDA approved Resin for Form1+, Medical/Dental usage

I am looking for an FDA approved resin for form1+ that can be used in dentistry to make temp crowns…
Any help ?

I believe any resin that was approved by the FDA would need to undergo clinical trials to prove safety.

If it is approved by the FDA that means it has gone through those tests and is ok to be used in the medical and dental field. I’m looking for that resin :slight_smile:

There is only made by envesiontech but you can’t buy it unless you have their printer… which is extremely expensive. that is why if Formlabs makes an FDA approved resin it will be a break through for their company…

Does anyone know of another FDA approved resin that I can get ?

In the early days Monger and a few guys tried out the burnout material from DWS but it did not work well on the Form1. Maybe the Form1+ could give better results with the more powerful laser. They have some other materials available http://www.dwssystems.com/printers/dental-lab-clinic. I am not sure if it is FDA approved but as far as I understand is costly enough and at that price point I hope it is approved for medical use. If I remember correctly it was something like 350$US for 500ml.

Asiga is developing a bio-safe resin that is “coming soon”

Not sure if it’s FDA approved to be used in actual medical procedures.


I can help you to print them