Additional Biocompatible / FDA Approved Resins

Since the only reason I purchased this printer was for dental purposes, I would absolutely love it if you made some additional FDA approved biocompatible resin. I am currently trying to use resins, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to waste a couple bottles just trying to decipher the correct settings to use.

Ideally, I would like:

  1. A resin that can be used intra-orally for a very short period of time (ie. to take a dental impression, less than 5 minutes)
  2. A resin that can be used repeatedly intra-orally, that can withstand typical sterilization techniques
  3. A resin that can be permanently or semi-permanently (2 weeks+) cemented into a patients mouth.

I know it’s a long shot, but we will never get anything if I don’t ask! Thank you,

Kevin Yoder, DDS

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If I understand correctly, our Dental SG resin satisfies 1 and possibly 2 (check the documentation). I agree that 3 would be interesting.

You are correct, I was re-writing my initial post as you commented. It definitely would satisfy item 1, but the cost is very high, presumably due to the extra costs of getting FDA approval. I believe your Dental SG resin is approved for 24 hours in an intra-oral environment. My thought was that it might be easier/cheaper to make a resin that only needed to satisfy a very short intra-oral timeframe, therefore, decreasing the overall price of that particular resin. It also might need to meet less stringent requirements due to the limited time intra-orally, and the fact that we would not be using this resin for any surgery. I don’t know how the FDA approval process goes, so I could be totally wrong :slight_smile:

As far as item 2, would the resin hold up over repeated sterilization cycles? So far, these surgical guides probably only go through sterilization once or twice. The type of parts I’m thinking of would require multiple sterilizations a day. So it might satisfy item 2, I’m just not sure on the resilience.

And item 3 is what you said. Thank you for your reply!


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