Not recognizing V4 grey resin

Hello everyone. I just received a couple V4 grey resin cartridges and preform won’t recognize them in the drop down when trying to change the settings. The only options are the V2 and V3 versions. I updated firmware and preform a couple days ago but is this something I have to do again to allow it recognize them? When I go to print settings it tells me how it sees the V4 and that I should change it in settings yet I’m unable to.

Any Ideas?


I’m thinking about transferring the new resin into an 03 cartridge…

Hmm, can you try downloading the most recent PreForm version again from here? It sounds like you might be on an older version and getting the v4 cartridges to work should prove safer and easier than trying to refill a v3 cartridge.

Yes, Grey V4 requires PreForm 2.13. Specifically, 2.13.0 or higher for Form 2, and 2.13.1 or higher for Form1 1 or 1+. You can find that sort of information on the PreForm release notes page.

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a shot and report back.

Well that’s weird. Apparently Preform never actually updated so it works! I always accept the update when prompted but I guess it never went through…anyways, thanks again!

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Installed my first Cartridge of Grey V4 and the valve wouldn’t open to dispense resin. I took it out and slice the hole a bit bigger. After three tries I finally got it to dispense. Then after it dispensing four-ten times trying to fill the tray it comes back with a message that the tank is not present.. Pulled and set it down solidly and and restarted the job and it OK for now.

Glad I’m going to OPEN MODE and AWL resin after this cartridge is used up.

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