Changing resin type in tank

Hello all,
I have a form2 and i purchased grey resin, but the new one is a new version v3, but my tank is at grey v2, it says it is incompatible with cartridge but wont give me the option to change. I did clean the tank and it is ready to be used with the new v3 grey resin.
What is the proper procedure to change the resin type in the tank.

Thanks in advance.

Once you start the print, the UI will allow you to override the tank preset. Just make sure that the grey v3 cartridge is installed and that the print job is sent to the printer using the grey v3 setting.

Thank you, It has been solved, i forgot to change to v3 in preform. :slight_smile:

I must be doing it wrong. Mine wont let me change the version, the drop down is greyed out.

it does let me change the version with other materials, but not the grey.

Am I in the wrong spot? Any help would be appreciated, i have a time sensitive print.


I think your version of PreForm is old…for the first image, the “V2” box shouldn’t be blocked.

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