Can´t reset the resin tank Version

Hi there! I can´t change or reset a resin tank version.

I just go to print, anda the printer show me a warning message that my cartridge and tank version are differents, and the only option that i have is to abort the print.

Please help me, i want to use a Black Resin v3 in a Black Resin V2 Tank.


I had a similar problem when I tried to use the new tanks.

Updating to the latest firmware and preform software did it for me.

I had the latest versions of PreForm and Firmware

I tried to add a new LT tank it would not let me set it for the material ignore option does not work!

I had the same problem and traced it to out of date firmware. Double check that your last firmware update didn’t fail.

Hi guys! I just connect the Form2 to my computer by USB and it works, the button IGNORE just appear, try it! maybe it works.

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