How reset the resing tank assignement

I need explanation about the procedure to reset or by-pass the warning when i use a different resin.

I wish there was a way to reset the tank too. I got one white resin V1 and now when I ordered again I got the new V2. If I could reassign the tank to be for V2 it would be great.

Just start a new print with the tank and read the description on the screen. It will re-assign the tank as soon as you start printing with a different color/material.

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You have some picture of the screen! I try to start a new print but the printer said that i need to replace the tank. My first cartridge of resin is a clear type 2 and when i buy a new, Formlabs send me the clear 3 ( Series F ).

The printer is suggesting to change the tank, abort the print or continue anyway. Just keep touching the button at the bottom right of the screen.

Oh I didn’t know you could do that. I will try and see. Thanks!

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