resin recognition error

I use Form 2 with two resin tank and several resin (white,black,clear, and tough). I have recently used clear resin with new tank. After using the clear resin, I wanted to change the resin to white. So I inserted white resin, and I washed the tank with just water (But I think that I clearly wiped out remaining clear resin.) And then, I re-inserted tank, but Form 2 recognized the tank as clear resin tank. How can I fix this problem?

The machine doesn’t know what resin is in the tank, it can only detect the level of resin not the type.

On the printer’s touchscreen, once the “error” message appears, just hit “continue” or “ignore” (basically anything else than aborting the print). The printer will re-assigne the tank to the new type of resin.

Hey @jjh10116!

Were you able to get this issue resolved? If not I’d be happy to walk you through the steps.

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