Steps for replacing New Resin Cartridge and New unused Resin Tank

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This is my first post as i mostly just browse the different forums to try to stay some what up to date on the Printer and its progress forward.

Now being a new owner I am finally at the stage that my first Cartridge of resin has run low enough that i need to change it. However i wanted to use my new Resin tank and switch to clear from the white.

I inserted the new tank and resin cartridge, however the machine prompted me to replace the old resin (white V2).

Does any one have the steps to registering a new tank and cartridge?

This would greatly appreciated as i am eager to print hahaha!

ignore the message and go on.


Ok, this is what i did. I updated the firmware (I’m sure that was part of the reason)

After doing so i tried to print a previous job saved on the printer, same prompts,
about inserting my old White V2. So i cut it off, returned it to its normal location made
sure it was level again and sent a fresh print from the computer over and Voila’

Job started as normal and the new tank started to fill with the new resin.

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