Tank resin remains on different resin version?

Is there any consensus on the best path?

When you have ml’s left on the tank of a v2 resin and formlabs sends you v4 resin… do you allow the “mix”? or you di$$$card the v2 resin and clean the tank to start “fresh”?

I recently had the same thing come up. I tossed the old resin since the newer one is an improved version. I also bought a new tank to start from scratch with as well. If you have a V2 than it is most likely out of date as well. What does the little sticker say the date of manufacture was?


It was a mere example, let’s say both resins are in good standing, expiry date speaking.

I personally would say get a new tank for the new version resin and start fresh.


Some versions of some resins can be mixed, some can’t. See This Topic for a compatibility listing.

If you are in the situation where the new version can be mixed with the older version you have, you can simply toss the old cartridge when it’s empty and replace it with the new one. Upon starting a new print, the printer will display a warning stating that the two resins (tank and cartridge) are not the same, you can override hat warning and the tank will now be registered with the new version, even though you still have some old resin in it.

If the two versions can’t be mixed, you can print small stuff until there isn’t enough resin in the tank for the print to succeed, and then you have no choice but to toss the rest of the old resin. From then on you can either clean the tank by hand and use it with the new resin (same thing as before, you will have a warning that you can override), or you can toss the tank and replace it with a new one.

Wow thanks! That topic is gold! :wink:

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