Black Resin V2 and V3

I bought not long ago the Black resin V2 and I’m runnng out. It seems the V2 is not available anymore(?) is that true? if it is the case, can I mix the rest of my V2 with a V3 batch? I find it very annoying not to be able to find the same exact resin within a 6 to 8 month period, forcing people to buy a cartridge AND a new tank. Can you clarify please!
Thank you.

I saw my white is V2? have no idea what that mean, I was curious but I forget about that till I saw your post. Can somebody tell me difference between V1 V2 and V3?

We recently announced new versions of Black and White Resins which have improved printing and finish properties. Black V2 and V3 cannot be mixed but there are ways to use up most all of your V2 resin. Even after the cartridge has run empty, you can choose to have the printer continue to print using only resin in the tank. Tanks can then be cleaned and used with newer versions of materials. Our resin filtration guide is a great resource for learning how to clean out tanks.

Can you tell us exactly why they can’t be mixed? What will happen, or not happen? When my V2 Black cartridge was empty I replaced it with the V3. Set the model to print as it was V3. Started printing. I have used almost an entire cartridge of V3 mixing with the tank full of V2. The parts are not as shiny as before, but completely usable.

This will vary by material but generally there will be changes to the photoinitiator or base polymer that require different print process settings. This can be a simple change like an increase an exposure to ensure proper curing or it can be a more complicated like modifying the stored capacitance of the resin to ensure proper level sense. For some re-formulations, the change may be subtle and parts might print well using mixed materials. If possible, it is safest to avoid mixing resins as it can in some cases lead to poor part quality or print failures.