Can v3 clear resin be mixed with v2?

Reached close to the end of a v3 clear cartridge and was wondering if I could use a v2 bottle with the remaining resin…don’t have anymore v3 clear…

We generally don’t recommend mixing different materials as they do require different printing settings and mixing can cause sub-optimal results. When the cartridge empties, the printer will throw a ‘cartridge empty’ error but this can be bypassed and printing will continue using remaining resin in the tank. The resin level can get decently sparse before it starts to affect print quality.

Thanks for the response - What issues would I be up against if I was to attempt it? Part quality/accuracy etc.

I’m not sure we’ve tested what happens when you mix Clear V2 and V3 :wink: One of the resin alchemy threads may have tried it. Part quality is generally a concern because of the difference in material profiles. You also have to watch out for dispensing errors because the resin tank level is measured via capacitance, so different materials will provide different reads.

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