Mixing resin versions?

What would happen if I emptied out a tray that contained clear resin version 1 and poured in clear resin version 2? So there would be residue from clear version 1 still in the tray hence a little bit of mixing. Would this affect print quality in any way?

I did this a while back when I first switched… just be sure to get as much out as you can and you should be good I had some I just could not get out of the corners well enough and I said screw it and poured the new stuff in and had no issues. The mixture level should not effect the prints too much maybe just run the new clear 2.0 through a paint filter after a couple prints to be sure any flakes that may come about are out of the tank.

Good luck

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Tom’s suggestion is right on! As long as you remove as much resin as possible, a few drops of resin lingering in the tank should not affect a tank that’s been refilled to the maximum fill line (200 mL). I’d recommend using the scraper as a squeegee.

You can wipe the plastic walls with a paper towel if necessary, but you should avoid wiping the silicone or touching the underside of the optical window. We don’t recommend using alcohol on the tank, but if necessary, the acrylic on the outside can be cleaned with a specialized solution called Novus 1.

Cheers guys. I think we may have cleaned out the inside of the tank with IPA at some point :-S will look into getting new tanks though. I have a small amount of Clear v1 left so want to use that up then move on to V2 using the same tank.

So I think I have grey v1 in the tank but need to fill it with the new v2 I got as its running low. Will have to empty and just wipe the sides with paper towel and not really tuch the silicone. Hopefully a little V1 mix in the V2 wont be too much an issue.

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