Mixing Clear01 with Clear 02?

I only have one resin tank and I was wondering if it’s okay to mix both the clear Resins or do I need to trash therest of my clear 01. It’s not enough to print what I’m trying to print, so I’m gonna need to use the 02 either way, was just wondering if I can save some goop.

Clear 01 seems to cure easier according to the print time estimate. I would say mixing them and using the clear 02 setting would probably be your only chance. But FormLabs says not to mix them. So it’s at your own risk.

Hi Alex! Like Josh mentioned, the resins should not be mixed. Each resin color and formulation has very precise material settings that are put together specifically for the chemical composition of that type of resin. Mixing them or using a different material setting usually results in print failures.

That being said, resin can last quite a while in the tank if you’d like to keep the clear 01 and get a separate resin tank for the 02. If you have enough of the 01 left to make it worthwhile, it could be a good option.