Mixing V2 and V3 clear resin, Ok or bad?

I just used up the last of my V2 resin, and noticed that FL came out with a new V3 of the clear resin. Can i mix the two since i will still have a little left over in my tray when the new bottle comes in, or do i need a brand new tray?


You’ll need a new resin tank. Mixing them would be bad.

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Any chance i can just dump out the remaining liquid i have in there now or will the slightest amount mixing into the new one screw up my prints?

Using this for production so i need consistent results… will suck if i have to throw away a practically new tray :frowning:

If you get almost all of it out, in my experience it typically works fine. I haven’t gone from clear V2 to clear V3, so your mileage may vary.

Thanks for the replies guy’s, top notch customer service.

Guess i will be a guinea pig and post results, i’ll try and get as much of the current resin out before putting the V3 in and print a small batch of parts to see if there are any issues. Worst case i use a new print tray!

Will post up results when i get the new resin in.


I would say you have a pretty good chance that it would print OK by mixing them, but if you don’t want to chance it it’s very easy to clean out the tank, a small amount of residue from the old resin won’t be a problem.
Angle the tank so that it accumulates to a corner, and then use something like a plastic syringe to suck out the resin carefully and deposit it into the bottle. Use the scraper to move the resin to the corner when needed. Once you can’t get any more out with the syringe then use a paper towel to get the rest out from the edges.
I find this method much easier and less messy than trying to pour it out from the tray which can make a huge mess. Just make sure to keep the lights low while you do this and cover the tray once you’re done so that whatever residue remains won’t cure.

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