Can I mix two versions of the same resin?

Hi there, I’m starting to run low on my white resin v3 so can I mix the old resin in the tray with newer version v4?


This was addressed by FL in an earlier post since a lot of guys where running into the same issue.

FL Changes Version numbers anytime anything changes, such as the supplier for a particular chemical.

I’ve mixed versions and even different manufactures of resin with no issues. Thing is to do it in small amounts. As I run Open Mode it’s not a big issue. I didn’t see any change in the finished prints doing this. I wouldn’t mix Digital Forge though.

thanks! So then I need to empty out the remaining resin of V3? My part is still printing but going very slowly as its checking resin levels after each scan! I thought about pausing the process and switch out the tank with the full v4 but I’m afraid this will interrupt the process and require me to start the print again. Also, what do you do with the rest of the resin?

hello and thank for the reply! What is open mode? and how do you control the amount? From what I can tell, form2 automatically checks for levels and adds to optimal level.

Well, Open Mode means you don’t use FL resin tanks but pour the resin in the tray manually. Sensor, heater and wiper are turned off automatically in this mode. It’s for using 3rd party resins and I use ALW resins as I have the best results at lower cost.

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