Resin Mismatch

I am getting ready to order more grey resin but the only type available is ver04 and I currently have ver03. What am I to do when it will likely not allow me to print with mixed resins?

Thanks for any help you could provide.

Resin v3 and v4 are apparently identical (the only difference being a supplier change for one of the ingredients) so they can be mixed.

The “resin tank mismatch” warning can always be overridden, after which the printer will write the new resin type into the tank (so you won’t see the warning again).

Yep, as @Steven_Hines mentioned, Grey v3 and v4 are identical side for a change in one of the component suppliers. You can mix these safely and read more about some of the recent reformulations here.

Thank you both for your help. Now I can get to ordering some more resin.

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