Form 2 - Grey 3 vs. Grey 4?

I didn’t realize it but I had two different versions of Grey resin, until I plugged the #4 in and got errors.
What is the difference in Grey3 and Grey4?


According to FL, the only difference is the source of one of the ingredients. They are completely interchangeable.

thanks Steven,
Then why would it keep showing mismatch errors until I put in a new resin tank. Curious.
Thank you though.


It shows the mismatch errors because they are different versions, and the firmware treats different versions as different, even if they vary in unimportant ways. The official guidance from FL is to simply continue past the warning.

The printer doesn’t know if the resin in the cartridge is “compatible” with the resin in the tank, it only knows it’s a different version and throws a warning. By overriding the warning the printer assumes you have cleaned the tank and assigns it the new resin version, this is in the case you use only one tank for different kinds of resins.

In this specific situation, as @Steven_Hines wrote, Formlabs publicly said that the black V3 and V4 were compatible with each other so in this case you can override the warning without cleaning the tank. With other resin version, even within the same resin type, this manipulation is actually not recommended and you would have to finish or get rid of the older resin, clean the tank, and then only override the warning and pour the new resin version in.

I’ve been told that the Grey V4 runs hotter on building the support base. What I mean is that the laser is stronger for that part of the print process. It cause me a lot of issues I still haven’t been able to resolve. I end up having to use a steel putty knife and a hammer to get the support bases off the build plate.
I’ve gone back to older firmware and older Preform but the build plates are so damaged that it’s the same issue. I have new build plates on the way and they better work.

We’ve just printed several part in V4 which had a “substantial” raft (a bit over 100cm2) and had absolutely no issues getting it off with the black prying tool.

Did you try this trick ?

Is beer or soap one of the new ingrediants of Grey V4?

After printing, the tank looks like a bubble bath.

@JohnK42 already in V3 resin we had similiar bubbles in the past… It’s just not looking nice before washing IMO but doesnt effect the print at all when you have to wash in IPA anyway.

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