Change cartridge/resin tank

Some questions on the cartridges/resina tank changes

  1. I used my cartridge for 700/1000 mL (on the resin tank I have 200 mL, correct?).
    If start to print a piece of 150 mL (and the printer i see the allert of low resin on the cartridge) when I run out my cartridge I can change during printing? It will alert the printer that it’s over?
  2. when i change my resin tank the resin it’s possibile to move into the new resin tank or it will be ruined?

Thanks all!


  1. A Form2 tank holds about 250mL of resin when filled. You can change a cartridge in the middle of print. Just pull it out and put the new one in, and you should see a chime on the screen saying “cartridge inserted”.

  2. The resin doesn’t wear out, so after one tank is worn out you can pour it into a new tank. Just make sure that you don’t get resin types or versions mixed up (each resin has it’s own print settings).

Hello, saw this topic was close to the one i was about to start. … wondering if anyone could help me.

I just brought new resin and new resin tanks, and I’m a little confused on how you register the tank with the new resin.
It keeps asking me to insert the old resin cartridge/tank, depending on which i have in.

does any one have an idea on what to do?

Hi! When you start a print the Form2 will check the installed tank. If the tank matches the print resin type then the print will continue without interruption If the tank is new the printer will automatically assign the matching resin type. If the tank has previously been used for a different resin the printer will prompt you to either abort the print or reassign the tank to match the current print.

I’m a little unsure on what you mean by “It keeps asking me to insert the old resin cartridge/tank, depending on which i have in.” Can you share a picture?

new unused resin tank


Starting a new print with new tank and new resin

With no resin tray cartridge in should it prompt me to insert a resin cartridge of choice and not the one i used previously with a different resin tank?


Ok, this is what i did. I updated the firmware (I’m sure that was part of the reason)

After doing so i tried to print a previous job saved on the printer, same prompts,
about inserting my old White V2. So i cut it off, returned it to its normal location made
sure it was level again and sent a fresh print from the computer over and Voila’

Job started as normal and the new tank started to fill with the new resin.

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